Age is populated in every cell within the column. You are then able to sort by the column to the right of it.

Create report from templateWhen you create from a template, you can choose from many reporting templates. You can further customize these reports and save them.

Select Create from Template and select a template from the box that appears.

On the left panel, you'll see the different templates Report a range of issues and incidents, from road traffic matters to serious crimes, In some cases we might ask a few quick questions first, to make sure we're .

When you hover over the template name, the metrics for that template will show in the right panel. Manage your reportsYou will see your saved reports in Ads Reporting, and you can view the reports in detail.

From your currently saved reports, you can view reports, duplicate or delete the reports. To export a report, select View Report, click To schedule the report, click on the pencil icon in the top left hand corner by the report name.

You are then able to update the report name, select schedule email and choose the frequency for the report. You can also select subscribers to send the report to.

Once you have selected breakdowns and metrics, shifted columns and applied filters, click Save to save your report. It will appear in the full list of reports when you select Was this information helpful?