Global Font Size: Set the size of your result font.

Data Labels: Display the number above a data point GetReport Retrieves the specified report. Use this method to download report data once Analytics has completed processing the report request. Method .

Legend and Line smoothing and Data points: For line graphs, you can check Line smoothing to curve your line graph and Data points to highlight individual value's results. Click ApplyIn addition to the above customization, you can also select the order your results appear in by selecting a new sort option in Chart Sorting. If you did not enter custom formatting when adding your metric, you can change how your results are interpreted by clicking Custom Number Formats underneath Changing report visibilityOnce you publish a dashboard, all your custom reports and metrics on the dashboard become visible as well.

If you hide a dashboard, its reports and metrics remain published. You must hide them individually by turning them into personal objects.

Personal objects can be viewed only by you, but can be shared by sending editors and users the link 12 Mar 2018 - Note: If you have not enabled Insights, see Enabling Insights for yourself. If you are an Enterprise agent in a custom role, you might not have .

Note: If you hide an object you do not own, keep the link. You will no longer be able to view the report without it. Hiding your reportBy default, your report is hidden from users.

In the Report Editor, you can select for your report to be visible or hide your report As a credit reference agency we collect public and credit data about individuals to create credit reports. Under the Data Protection Act 2018 you have a right to:..

The report is hidden if the eye icon () is shown at the top of the report. After you create a custom report, click the Options drop-down menu and select Settings.

You can share a hidden report by sending editors a link to your report. For more information on sharing reports see, Sharing reports in Insights .

Viewing hidden reportsIf you are a project admin, you can choose to see all hidden reports and metrics (but not dashboards).