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Public Relations ShareWordPress Shortcode Are you sure you want to YesNo Your message goes here 5 months ago Reply Are you sure you want to Yes No Your message goes here Are you sure you want to Yes No Your message goes here 10 months ago Reply Are you sure you want to Yes No Your message goes here 10 months ago Reply Are you sure you want to Yes No Your message goes here 2 years ago Reply Are you sure you want to Yes No Your message goes here 1 Public Relations is about getting others to tell your story. Builds awareness of your company and brand; Legitimizes business and other marketing efforts .

Dhanesh GundlaAmogh KadamPrathmesh Parab 2. What is Public Relations ?Public relations (PR) is thepractice of managing the flow ofinformation between anindividual or an organization andthe public.

The aim of public relations by acompany often is to persuadethe public, investors, partners,employees, and otherstakeholders to maintain acertain point of view about it, itsleadership, products, or of 3.

Definition“Public relations is a planned process toinfluence public opinion, through soundcharacter and proper performance, basedon mutually satisfactory two-waycommunication History of PR. Ancient Greeks had a word for it: Sematikos: to signify or to mean; It's how to get people to believe things and do things; A pretty good definition of .

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Marston‟s four-step “RACE”model describes the PR process: R = Research A = ActionC =Communication E = Evaluation 6. Functions of PRPromoting goodwill Promoting product, service, corporateimage Corporate communications Lobbying Counteracting negative publicity 7.

Advantages of PRCredibility Cost Avoidance of Clutter Lead Generation Ability to reach specific groups Image Building 8. Disadvantages of PRDifficult to quantify PR benefits Lack of control „Deft‟ management required 9.

Role of PR Officer• AdvocateThe public relations manager is the chief advocate forthe company.

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He is the mouthpiece for management -- and in politicalcircles known as the press secretary.

•CommunicatorThe public relations manager crafts communicationspolicies and oversees the development of all statementsand news releases for the company Under the quittance of public relations, organizations learn of how to get more the availability of automatic weapons, America will slide down a slippery slope .

Sociology,psychology and good journalism are requisite talents forthe manager and staff. Communications must be clear,concise and relevant to the audience.

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It is her job to put the best face on news andinformation that could embarrass or malign thecompany's reputation.

Often, she will be called uponto polish mundane information into platinum data thatgives the company more credit than would ordinarilybe due for routine accomplishments “Ivy Lee would have probably shared the mantle of 'Father of Public Relations' with Edward Bernays if he hadn't made the fatal career mistake of going to work .

 Opinion MaestroThe public relations manager directs all outreachefforts. He is responsible for media placements andcoordinating organizational functions and the effortsof executives.

It is his responsibility to determine theexecutive appropriate for each situation and ensurethat person has approved information and statementsin hand 5 Sep 2014 - Presentation Courses · PowerPoint Courses; by LinkedIn Learning The Challenge of Public Relations PR is multifaceted A public relations professionals must have skills in Written and interpersonal a favorable environment for organization's survival Advertising •Mass media outlets • External .

Uses of PRCustomer complaints and redressal It is an opportunity to cement relations withthe customer Very important in the service and hospitalityindustryCombating rumours / falsehoods Confront and disclose facts in leadingmedia Give the positive side of the story Capitalise on rumour to your benefit Rumour can be dismissed as ridiculous 12. When PR is used for the purpose ofmarketing its product and services, itis known as Marketing PublicRelations (MPR)It can be a very important component of theentire communications mix of the company 13.

Objectives of MPRAssist in the launch ofproducts/company Assist in repositioning a matureproduct Building interest in in a productcategory Influencing specific target groups Countering negative publicity Building corporate image that rubs offonto its products 14. Public relations, marketing, andadvertising……aren‟t they all the same thing? 14 15.

The answer is……not really! Marketing and advertising traditionallypromote products and services.

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For PR to work there are severalprerequisitesIt must first put its own house in order IR must have the respect ofemployees and community Management must justify its profitsand prove that it is not profiteering Work for the community as an ablecorporate citizen 17.

How do PR people get their jobdone?Using clout of the agency by virtue ofbeing a space buyer Cultivating relations with media andleveraging that when required Communication that is newsworthyand which media would be glad tocarry