The Challenge of Public Relations  PR is multifaceted  A public relations professionals must have skills in  Written and interpersonal communication  Research  Negotiation  Creativity  Logistics  Facilitation  Problem solving 3.

“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics History of PR. Ancient Greeks had a word for it: Sematikos: to signify or to mean; It's how to get people to believe things and do things; A pretty good definition of .

Key Terms  Deliberate  Planned  Performance  Public interest  Two-way communication  Strategic management of competition and conflict  Relationships* 8. The RACE Process Research What is the problem? Action What is going to be done about it? Communication How will the public be told Evaluation Was the audience reached & what was the effect? 9.

The Components of Public Relations  Counseling  Research  Media relations  Publicity  Employee/member relations  Community relations  Public affairs  Government affairs  Issue management  Financial relations  Industry relations  Development/Fund-raising  Multicultural relations/workplace diversity  Special events  Marketing communications 10. Journalism Public Relations • Use many components • Advocates • Defined publics • Many channels Journalism • Uses only two components • Objective observers • Mass audience • One channel 11. Advertising Public Relations •Variety of communication tools •Specialized audiences • Broader in scope • Fills a support role • Creates a favorable environment for organization’s survival Advertising •Mass media outlets • External audiences • Is a communications function • Is a communication tool in PR • Sells goods / services 12. Marketing Public Relations • Builds relationships & generates goodwill •Deals with publics, audiences & stakeholders Marketing • Sells products / services •Deals with target market, consumers & customers 13.

PR Supports Marketing Eight ways public relations supports marketing:  Develops new prospects  Provides third party endorsements  Generates sales leads  Paves the way for sales calls  Stretches dollars  Provides inexpensive literature  Establishes credibility  Helps sell minor products Copyright © 2013 Pearson Education, Inc In addition to this we will also be looking critically at some PR campaigns with relations activities without pay in order to obtain and increase support for their .

An Integrated Perspective Public Relations Advertising Marketing 15. Toward an Integrated Perspective Concept of integration: To use a variety of strategies and tactics to convey a consistent message in a variety of forms  Global/multicultural  Research based  Relationship focused  Internet/new media oriented  Toolbox-driven tactics Copyright © 2013 Pearson Education, Inc.