Case Study 3"iTS Leadership took you want to go far,go together"and our business before designing aninspirational Programme"way of aligning people with the extraordinary results!"The ChallengeOur challenge was to help unite and gel a brand new division within a large global pharmaceutical company. The franchise had been completely redesigned, the resource being tailored to the needs of the NHS, the original structure being sub-optimal.

The majority of the franchise employees were new, including the Director and her leadership team. The UK and global expectations for the franchise were ambitious regarding both business growth and proving the value of the re-design.

With these priorities aligning and gelling the team, both strategically and culturally was of urgent importance. What was Created?After an in-depth discussion with the Director, together with interviews with every member of the Business Unit, a twelve-month programme of six phases was created.

Phase 1 – fact find interviews to explore hopes, fears, opportunities, challenges and acquire baseline metrics around motivation, engagement and well beingPhase 2 – a leadership team workshop to align strategic and cultural priorities for the franchise (DiamondEDGE)Phase 3 – on-going individual coaching and mentoring support for the leadership team over a 12-month periodPhase 4 – roll out of the DiamondEDGE at the UK conference to engage and inspire every member of the Business UnitPhase 5 – i-LEAD: outdoor leadership challenge for the leadership team to further gel the team, building on trust whilst exploring and leveraging individual differencesPhase 6 – fact find interviews repeated, to re-measure energy, engagement, hopes and fears plus understand the level of buy in towards the Vision, Culture and StrategyThe Impact?The initial communication of the DiamondEDGE framework, particularly the Vision, had a dramatic impact. There was a 100% recall of the Vision six months after the launch.

There was also a marked shift in ownership and energy, with the culture being lived and respected by every individual each day. Their time together, understanding each other (during the workshops and the outdoor challenge), played a significant role in tightly bonding them. Their own united front playing a very valuable part in the process of uniting the whole Business Unit.

There was no negative attrition within the Business Unit and a real buzz could be felt by all within and around it; engagement and morale was at its highest ever.

The Result?Between 2014 (project start) and 2015 there was a 35% increase in product sales Phase 1 – fact find interviews to explore hopes, fears, opportunities, challenges and acquire baseline metrics around motivation, engagement and well being..

Sales and growth targets were exceeded and the BU was recognised by global HQ as the highest performing affiliate in the World. The UK business model and strategy has now been replicated across other affiliates and two members of the leadership team have been recognised for outstanding leadership contributions.

These recognitions have ultimately lead to promotions for them both